Christmas Door Love

I love front doors. Front doors are possibly one of my favourite features of any home. Maybe my love of beautiful front doors stems from my desire to be a home owner and that I have never had my own front door (I have rented for nearly the last 9 years..gulp thinking of all that money spent on rent makes me a bit green..)

Front doors are like a little peek of what great things might be on the other side, they are a home owners opportunity to make a little statement about what kind of person they might be or aspire to be. Sometimes I even think of front doors as lipstick for houses, the perfect one bringing warmth and character, sophistication or even fun…an ugly front door is like a coldsore, needs treatment and fast.

My love of front doors extends to friends sending me pictures of doors they think I might like or me getting my camera phone out to snap little beauties, which is exactly what I did today whilst walking down a particularly lovely road in my neighbourhood. If a front door is lovely in its own right, a beautiful pathway and gate are icing on the cake and if a door has a beautiful Christmas wreath, well that’s like the jewel in the crown. Today’s offerings are nothing short of spectacular dressed up in their Christmas finery, I just wish my camera could do them justice.

Yes, I know I’m slightly unhinged (get it!) but each to their lovely own I say.

I think dark blue front door with the two Bay trees either side was my favourite today, followed by number 33.