So I was taking a little break from blogging, but…

I thought I would share with you all, my finally completed Baxter quilt. It took weeks, no make that months on deciding what fabrics and what colours to use, and a mere two weeks to actually make. I love it and I loved making it. There are loads of things I would do differently next time, but for now we (me and B) are pleased as punch!

Also made this rather delicious cake, which I am eating as I type, gluten free Victoria sponge. Recipe courtesy of Doves Farm plain white flour – works beautifully every time.

Hope anybody who reads my little blog is well, and I will be checking in on lots of my favourite blogs to say hello xxx





A first for me! Wonky cushion love.

Here she is! I have to say I am pretty chuffed with this little beauty! She may not be perfect, and if you got a measure out, you would discover she is wonky too, but I love her for it!

I didn’t use a pattern, I just used the measurements from my pot holders and played about with the layout, which I much prefer to the pot holder pattern. I used some Amy Butler Love fabric, a Timeless treasures bias check in cherry red (which btw, if anybody knows where I can get some more, please let me know, it’s so much nicer than gingham!) and a green pretty fabric from Fabric Land, which has sold out (discovered that today!)

I used a cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler, which definitely improved my sewing, but I need to practice cutting neatly as my 4 squares all turned out different sizes…which meant taking a few shortcuts when sewing the pillow together!

I dithered about whether to quilt my cushion, but decided to leave that for another project. I did hand sew a little ribbon along the back opening, partly because it looked pretty and partly because I bought the ribbon from Vietnam when I was 21 and always wondered what to use it for!

I’m now preparing to make my next cushion, this time I have a craving for lilac and pale green, let’s hope it doesn’t look like it belongs in an old people’s home!






Jubilee inspired pot holder for my mum!

This is a little Jubilee inspired gift for my mummy, as she is not feeling well. I’m not a massive fan of overly patriotic things, but, I do like, red, white and blue together and had some little scraps perfect for the job. It was also a chance to see if my tips for improving my sewing worked or not!

I think the process of sewing was much improved by ironing my fabrics and using a mat, ruler and rotary cutter. The pot holder is still pretty small, but maybe that’s down to the thickness of the wadding?

I’m bored of making pot holders, so now, I need to find a new little project as I am still not ready for ‘the quilt’!

Other than spending hours on Pinterest today, I plan on attempting to make a loaf of bread in my new (eBay new!) bread maker, cleaning (my lovely friends house I visited yesterday, put me to shame with the tidiness of it all…and I also now have serious pitcher envy!) playing wacky races with my boy and looking for red shoes for my friends wedding in Italy. I can’t believe the change in the weather, this time last week,I was watching my dad paddle in the sea with Baxter, and now I’m spending all day in doors! Oh well, that’s the British weather for you!