Eye eye captain!

Well yet again, I have had to take a wee break from blogging, but this time, I was very frustrated as to why I couldn’t blog and I was also in pain!

For two whole weeks I walked around with a tiny piece of plastic embedded in my left eye! I have no idea how it got there, but I am eternally grateful for the Doctor who actually spotted it and removed it, after 4 other professionals failed to spot it, with one not even bothering to look in my eye! The pain was horrid, and the longer the plastic was there, the less I could look at anything bright or even outdoors. After having it removed, I woke up the next day and it was like nothing had ever been wrong. I am now more appreciative of my eyes than ever!

Whilst all that was going on, I did also manage to achieve something I’m really proud of too! I have a new job!! I had a interview on Halloween, squinty painful presentation made, and a total memory loss on policy relevant to the job, and I still managed to impress! I guess it shows that things do happen for a reason (still trying to work out a reason for the plastic eye shenanigans!). This job is the third I have been interviewed for, its a great development opportunity within my chosen profession, it offers great flexibility for the days I will be working, I get to keep my long service and its in Central Bristol!! So that’s it, we are officially moving back to Bristol in the new year!

I will be massively sad to leave Brighton, I have some wonderful friends here, who I am going to miss so much, it’s a gorgeous vibrant city and I have a fulfilling job, but Bristol has the upper hand, my parents and family are there, my oldest bestest friends are there, we will be able to afford somewhere lovely and pretty importantly Mr Egg will be able to work close to home and spend more time with us, no more nightmare train journeys to London!

I have also been very very busy making things since the eye trauma…but those reveals are for another post!


Autumn inspired quilt in progress

Autumn is my favourite season. Fact. I love it so much, that if Baxter had of been a girl his name would have been Autumn. Love it. So being inspired by my favourite season I decided I needed an Autumn quilt, my only challenge being that I had to use fabrics I already owned.

I chose fiery reds and purples and originally a lilac polka dot ‘to add interest’ – what was I thinking! The lilac red looked hideous, so I swapped it out for some ‘bonfire/firework’ fabric that I treated myself to earlier in the summer from Cornwall. I think it looks muchas better with the new fabric. I’m planning on binding it with a navy small star fabric to look like a cold starry night. The backing unfortunately is an uninspiring plain pink, as it was the largest single piece of fabric I could get my mitts on… so any ideas for jazzing it up would be greatly appreciated!

On a separate note, Fabric Land on Western Road, Brighton, why oh why have you put all your patchwork fabrics at the top of your steep staircase? How am I ever going to wile away a happy half hour looking at your fabric goodness when I can’t get up there when I’m in town with B in his pram!? I’m going to have to shop in the over priced shop over the road!!! Pants.