Autumn inspired quilt in progress

Autumn is my favourite season. Fact. I love it so much, that if Baxter had of been a girl his name would have been Autumn. Love it. So being inspired by my favourite season I decided I needed an Autumn quilt, my only challenge being that I had to use fabrics I already owned.

I chose fiery reds and purples and originally a lilac polka dot ‘to add interest’ – what was I thinking! The lilac red looked hideous, so I swapped it out for some ‘bonfire/firework’ fabric that I treated myself to earlier in the summer from Cornwall. I think it looks muchas better with the new fabric. I’m planning on binding it with a navy small star fabric to look like a cold starry night. The backing unfortunately is an uninspiring plain pink, as it was the largest single piece of fabric I could get my mitts on… so any ideas for jazzing it up would be greatly appreciated!

On a separate note, Fabric Land on Western Road, Brighton, why oh why have you put all your patchwork fabrics at the top of your steep staircase? How am I ever going to wile away a happy half hour looking at your fabric goodness when I can’t get up there when I’m in town with B in his pram!? I’m going to have to shop in the over priced shop over the road!!! Pants.






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