Autumn inspired quilt in progress

Autumn is my favourite season. Fact. I love it so much, that if Baxter had of been a girl his name would have been Autumn. Love it. So being inspired by my favourite season I decided I needed an Autumn quilt, my only challenge being that I had to use fabrics I already owned.

I chose fiery reds and purples and originally a lilac polka dot ‘to add interest’ – what was I thinking! The lilac red looked hideous, so I swapped it out for some ‘bonfire/firework’ fabric that I treated myself to earlier in the summer from Cornwall. I think it looks muchas better with the new fabric. I’m planning on binding it with a navy small star fabric to look like a cold starry night. The backing unfortunately is an uninspiring plain pink, as it was the largest single piece of fabric I could get my mitts on… so any ideas for jazzing it up would be greatly appreciated!

On a separate note, Fabric Land on Western Road, Brighton, why oh why have you put all your patchwork fabrics at the top of your steep staircase? How am I ever going to wile away a happy half hour looking at your fabric goodness when I can’t get up there when I’m in town with B in his pram!? I’m going to have to shop in the over priced shop over the road!!! Pants.






Sunny afternoon in Portishead

A couple of weeks ago, my rather large family had a bit of a get together to celebrate my Aunty and Uncle returning to the UK after 30 years abroad and my cousin popping over from Canada for a visit. We hired out Portishead Lido Kitchen for the event, which is nothing like the scruffy open air pool I remember from my childhood! This place is gorgeous, the views are amazing and the food is great.

Baxter was a bit disappointed he couldn’t go for a dip (he has got over his bath phobia fortunately) so settled for a walk in the somewhat changeable autumn weather. Cloudy and wet one moment, glorious sunshine the next.

I can’t wait to take Mr Egg and Baxter there next year for an alfresco swim, as we will be living near there by next summer!






like to match my food to my pants!

So where have you been?

And Relaxxxxxxxxx! What an incredibly busy summer I have had! It has been non stop since April (technically not summer, but that’s when the madness started!) With so many things going on, I didn’t have a moment to update my blog, but things have suddenly slowed down (for a bit!) and I have time to post again! Hoorah!

So why was I so busy? Well…
1. A lovely hen weekend in Bude, Cornwall for a dear friend. A princess blue themed soirée was the order of the weekend. Also my first weekend away from Baxter. Lots of tears (mine!) but a reminder of the non mummy me side of my personality!

2. A week in Lake Garda with mes Amis and family for dear friends wedding. Seriously the best holiday I have had since my Honeymoon to Canada!

3. Mummy dearest 60th. No mum you can’t take the 60th tag off!!

4. A hen weekend in Penzance for another dear friend! A vintage tea party theme for the Friday, treasure hunt and Bad Taste evening reception for Saturday night.

5. Beautiful and best fun ever wedding in Cornwall. 90 pinwheels later and I was so pin wheeled and Pom pomd out! But they did look lovely!

6. An amazing week on the Roseteague Estate! This was my week of total relaxation. We loved the beautiful accommodation and surroundings so much, we are hoping to go back next year.

7. Full time work!!! Nothing like going full time after 6 years of part timery – now that’s a shock to the system! Fortunately, circumstances have changed for the better and I’m back to part time, spending time with my baby and finding time to catch up on blogs, write a blog (!) and plan for the next big chapter! A move to Bristol !