So I was taking a little break from blogging, but…

I thought I would share with you all, my finally completed Baxter quilt. It took weeks, no make that months on deciding what fabrics and what colours to use, and a mere two weeks to actually make. I love it and I loved making it. There are loads of things I would do differently next time, but for now we (me and B) are pleased as punch!

Also made this rather delicious cake, which I am eating as I type, gluten free Victoria sponge. Recipe courtesy of Doves Farm plain white flour – works beautifully every time.

Hope anybody who reads my little blog is well, and I will be checking in on lots of my favourite blogs to say hello xxx





All part of the plan

I’ve been absent for a little while and have neglected my little blog. Sorry about that blog. Anyhow, I haven’t been idle, the Eggs visited Italy for a glorious week of friendship, food, sunshine and a beautiful wedding, I have been busy hand quilting (not something I am keen to repeat) and I have also been putting into (or at least attempting to) action plans for our future, which involved an 8 hour round train trip.

The 8 hour round tip was for an Interview for a post which I would have taken a pay cut for, but unfortunately I was pipped to the post. I received glowing feedback and offered another position, but I turned it down as I felt it would steer my career in a direction I would not want to go. I felt utterly deflated yesterday as we were so close to being able to move back to the Southwest.

But, as the title says, this is all part of the plan. Not always necessarily my plan, or the way I want things to go, but part of the ‘bigger plan’, the one where you can’t actually always control every exact detail, you can steer your life in the right direction and make right choices, but ultimately the plan is the one set out for you by the universe.

On a lighter note, Baxter had a settling in session in my good friends Pre School and he LOVED it, which is a bonus, although I thought he would enjoy it, as my friend works so hard to provide a safe and fun environment for her Pre School. I just wish we were not torn between two places!