Some of things that are making me smile this week!

Just a few things that are bringing me happiness this week, just because!

1. New swimsuit from Kelly Brook range in New Look. Love it, love it even more as it had 25% off when I got to the till!

2. Pretty straw bag from Primarni! So pretty, not really practical for this soggy wet weather, but it makes me smile every time I walk past my dressing table. Oh and some new sunnies for Italia in 2 weeks time!

3. Charity shop skirt. Perfect fit and perfect length i.e short and flirty but not so short that everybody can see your bum when you bend over (make no mistake, just because my swimsuit is from a glamour models range, ahem! I do not have the body of a glamour model and do not like flashing my bum!)

4. Cath Kidston cup. Still smile when I see my Royal Worcester teacup set, which was a lovely gift for my 30th from my gorgeous cousin Baby Bird.

5. Adele. 21. love this so much. No pictures of Adele, so look at these adorable spotty beakers I bought for Baxter the other week, I’ve been drinking all my non tea drinks from them as they are too cute!

6. My boy. As always. Baxter playing in a little car. I am going to get him one of these when we get a garden. I always wanted one of these cars as a kid! Twin Baxters, adorable.









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