A first for me! Wonky cushion love.

Here she is! I have to say I am pretty chuffed with this little beauty! She may not be perfect, and if you got a measure out, you would discover she is wonky too, but I love her for it!

I didn’t use a pattern, I just used the measurements from my pot holders and played about with the layout, which I much prefer to the pot holder pattern. I used some Amy Butler Love fabric, a Timeless treasures bias check in cherry red (which btw, if anybody knows where I can get some more, please let me know, it’s so much nicer than gingham!) and a green pretty fabric from Fabric Land, which has sold out (discovered that today!)

I used a cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler, which definitely improved my sewing, but I need to practice cutting neatly as my 4 squares all turned out different sizes…which meant taking a few shortcuts when sewing the pillow together!

I dithered about whether to quilt my cushion, but decided to leave that for another project. I did hand sew a little ribbon along the back opening, partly because it looked pretty and partly because I bought the ribbon from Vietnam when I was 21 and always wondered what to use it for!

I’m now preparing to make my next cushion, this time I have a craving for lilac and pale green, let’s hope it doesn’t look like it belongs in an old people’s home!







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