Sunshine Blogger Award nomination!

I couldn’t believe my little peepers when I opened my inbox this morning and saw that I had actually been nominated for this award by Yearoflivingcraftily. Thank you so much Michelle! I would recommend a look at Michelle’s blog, she has some really lovely well thought out crafts on her blog. Her journals are so cool.

I set out to create a little blog when I was on maternity leave, mainly as a way of passing the time whilst Baxter snoozed in my arms and to create an online journal of things I liked, so to have people follow and like my blog, is kind of a bonus! I enjoy blogging and I love meeting like minded people and their blogs, for inspiration, motivation and reassurance that I’m not the only strange crafty mummy on the block!

So to keep this lovely award beaming on and on, it must be passed onto 10 other lovely bloggers who you think deserve this award.

The Rules
1. Re-post the award in a new post, that includes the name of the person that nominated you.
2. State 10 things about yourself
3. Nominate 10 people

10 things about me!
1. I am not great with technology, and often find ass backwards ways of doing things.
2. I met my husband Mr Egg in Byron Bay, Australia. We were in a mixed dorm, sharing bunk beds!
3. I have lived in Brighton for 6 years, I grew up in Bristol
4. I took my Maths GCSE 5 times, passed with the help of Mr Egg, who is a qualified Maths Teacher!
5. I was a mature student and collected my Degree 8.5 months pregnant!
6. I have an exceptionally rare haemoglobin type – Punjab D- Kings College Hospital London kept some of my blood!
7. I don’t own a laptop, so blog from my IPad!
8. I work for Social Services
9. I am a morning person
10. My son Baxter has bought me more joy than I could have ever imagined.

10 nominated blogs!
1. Roar Sweetly
2. The Big Forest
3. A Girl called Emily
4. Clouds of Color
5. Cupcakejojo
6. Tea at Weasel’s
7. City Girl gone Coastal
8.Country Rose
9. Shabby Chic Sarah
10. Bunny mummy


Some of things that are making me smile this week!

Just a few things that are bringing me happiness this week, just because!

1. New swimsuit from Kelly Brook range in New Look. Love it, love it even more as it had 25% off when I got to the till!

2. Pretty straw bag from Primarni! So pretty, not really practical for this soggy wet weather, but it makes me smile every time I walk past my dressing table. Oh and some new sunnies for Italia in 2 weeks time!

3. Charity shop skirt. Perfect fit and perfect length i.e short and flirty but not so short that everybody can see your bum when you bend over (make no mistake, just because my swimsuit is from a glamour models range, ahem! I do not have the body of a glamour model and do not like flashing my bum!)

4. Cath Kidston cup. Still smile when I see my Royal Worcester teacup set, which was a lovely gift for my 30th from my gorgeous cousin Baby Bird.

5. Adele. 21. love this so much. No pictures of Adele, so look at these adorable spotty beakers I bought for Baxter the other week, I’ve been drinking all my non tea drinks from them as they are too cute!

6. My boy. As always. Baxter playing in a little car. I am going to get him one of these when we get a garden. I always wanted one of these cars as a kid! Twin Baxters, adorable.








A first for me! Wonky cushion love.

Here she is! I have to say I am pretty chuffed with this little beauty! She may not be perfect, and if you got a measure out, you would discover she is wonky too, but I love her for it!

I didn’t use a pattern, I just used the measurements from my pot holders and played about with the layout, which I much prefer to the pot holder pattern. I used some Amy Butler Love fabric, a Timeless treasures bias check in cherry red (which btw, if anybody knows where I can get some more, please let me know, it’s so much nicer than gingham!) and a green pretty fabric from Fabric Land, which has sold out (discovered that today!)

I used a cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler, which definitely improved my sewing, but I need to practice cutting neatly as my 4 squares all turned out different sizes…which meant taking a few shortcuts when sewing the pillow together!

I dithered about whether to quilt my cushion, but decided to leave that for another project. I did hand sew a little ribbon along the back opening, partly because it looked pretty and partly because I bought the ribbon from Vietnam when I was 21 and always wondered what to use it for!

I’m now preparing to make my next cushion, this time I have a craving for lilac and pale green, let’s hope it doesn’t look like it belongs in an old people’s home!