Yum yum in my tum…Gluten free Coffee & Walnut Cake

Anybody who knows me well, will tell you that baking cakes are not my strong point. There have been disasters with seemingly simple recipes, cookies that leaked orange juice, sponges so crispy you could file your nails on them and who could forget the “stink” cake, so disgusting, that my colleagues took dares to avoid eating it! That was all until my mum bought me Harry Eastwood’s Fabulous book ‘Red velvet and chocolate heartache’.

On first inspection, I thought hmm lots of pretty cakes, but we won’t be having any of those because A) I can’t bake and B) they all contain gluten. Mr Egg was diagnosed with Coeliacs five years ago and I can’t be trusted with a whole gluten containing cake, so we only have gluten free cakes…I only eat half the cake then! But, the cakes in this book are ALL gluten free! They are made with rice flour and use various vegetables, yes really, and are simply the yummiest cakes around! I think I have so far made at least 10 of the cakes, and not one has let me down, which is pretty amazing for me!

I made the Coffee and Walnut courage cake today as a treat for Mr Egg, he has been studying very hard recently for his accountancy exams, and today was the last of three big exams, so Mr Egg picked his cake last night, and I made it this morning.

I am very pleased with how it turned out, and I also got the chance to display it on my lovely spooky cake stand.





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  1. The cake looks lovely and wasn’t I a clever mummy for buying you the book…all with you and Nolan in mind.

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