Saturday night sewing…honestly it beats Margaritas and dancing on bars

Can’t believe I wrote that! Yes, of course Margaritas and dancing on the bar are much more fun (usually), but for those with small people in bed, a husband studying his arse off and no babysitter, one has to make their own fun. Last night instead of watching crap tv on my own and lamenting the days I could make plans more easily, I decided to sew. And I rather liked it.

I made a little heart, which I hand stitched. I haven’t done any sewing in ages, so I thought it would be good practice before attempting to make Baxter a quilt (even though I will be using a sewing machine). I used a sweet stripy green fabric, a piece of cerise ribbon and a little button decoration. The coolest part was my ingenious idea for stuffing the heart (not my face haha), I opened up an old cushion pad that was destined for the bin and used the stuffing from that.

Also thought I would show you my fab Gel Nails that my friend did for me…aren’t they great?!




4 responses

  1. Very pretty heart. I haven’t done any sewing lately, I will have to get the ol’ sewing machine out (though my sewing skills are very limited) next project is some outside bunting.
    I love your nail polish colour…perfect for summer 🙂

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