Mummy’s bag!

Ive decided I need a new bag, the last one I bought was a treat for passing my first year at University, nearly five whole years ago…blimey I didn’t realise it was that long ago. Whilst I still love that bag, it’s time for a new one (most definitely since I have just realised I haven’t bought a bag in five years!)

On my recent hen weekend trip, two of my non mummy mates were toting around Cath Kidston bags, my eyes almost popped out – surely Cath Kidston bags are just the preserve of mummy’s with a taste for ditzy prints and a love of baking in aprons? Well, apparently not, my two cool non mummy friends looked very funky with their Cath Kidston bags, one covered with cute birdies and the other in polka dots (the bags, not my friends!) So, on that discovery, I decided that actually being a mummy who likes ditzy prints and baking in an apron, but not wanting to be labelled as a mummy who likes ditzy prints and baking in an apron, I am entitled to buy one of these bags…if you follow my logic!

So now the decision has to be made on which bag to go for. Do I go for an over the shoulder jobby, a saddle bag or a messenger bag? Or should I be very sensible and mummyish and replace by broken changing bag for a Cath Kidston nappy bag?

Decisions, decisions!

Source: via t on Pinterest


6 responses

  1. Be the perfect mum that you are and go for the nappy bag I am sure Baxter will appreciate his stylish new mummy.

  2. I so love the polka dots:) Big decisions. Just dropping in from the under 300 blog hop and am now following you on Linky Followers. I would so love a visit and maybe a follow back. See you soon!

    • My friend rocked the polka dot bag, and I do love dots, but I am leaning towards flowers and birds, maybe Royal Rose, I am so so indecisive! Thanks for stopping by as well, I’ll grab a cup of tea and pop by yours xx

  3. Being a Mum of 5 boys I’ve always gone for the CK messenger or sadle bags due to being able to keep my hands free. I have spotty ones and floral and birds and cowboy prints!! Ha ha … I do love all of her designs!! Can’t wait to see which one you choose 🙂
    Great blog you have here!! Back soon
    Louise xxx

    • Have your boys got CK backpacks too?! Lol! Mummy head says to get myself a hands free bag, which I can also chuck on the pushchair, but I really think I want a handbag all for me! Oh, I’m just so indecisive! Xx

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