Quilt for Baxter

After Searching on the Internet for what feels like ever for the perfect bedding for Baxter, I have decided that what I want doesn’t exist, so I am going to make Baxter some bedding in the form of a patchwork quilt. I have always wanted to make one and it finally feels like now I have a good enough reason.

Baxter has never slept in a cot, okay maybe never, but less than a handful of times, he has mainly co-slept with us, and has now transferred to his own bed (which mummy likes to share most nights!) Due to having only two rooms and the need to be able to host family and friends, who live far away from us, we had to use our old double bed as Baxter’s bed. We have put a bed guard on the one side that isn’t against the wall, so B is perfectly safe. Unfortunately though, bedding for children in a double size is pretty limited in the UK, so Baxter sleeps under our old bedding 😦

Being inspired by the cute colour pallet of the pin wheel bunting I recently made for Baxter, I have decided that the colour theme for Baxters room will be citrus/lime, navy with accents of coral…like this room (but with less green and some white for crispness)

Option one, more of a classic boyish quilt

So I would like to make a quilt in these colours, but then bam, I stumbled upon Amy Buttlers Soul Blossom fabrics. These are incredible and I’m smitten with them, so I have been kind of toying with the idea of going for a more bright coloured quilt, still sticking to blues and greens, but with accents of bold orange rather than coral.

I still haven’t quite decided what colours or style I will go for yet, but here are a few quilts that I like, and a reminder of the bunting. Decisions, decision, classic and boyish, or bright and flowery (maybe mummy wants a patchwork quilt on her bed too?!)

So, will it be Option one, Boyish and classic or Option two, bright and maybe a bit flowery?

Source: flickr.com via Victoria on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Victoria on Pinterest



5 responses

  1. Love the photo inspiration. When I was looking for a quilt for my little boy I came up against similar problems. I didn’t like what was out there, mainly cartoon and pixar characters. I ended up buying a very simple Ikea quilt cover. White with large navy blue spots. Good luck with your patchwork quilt, look forward to seeing the finished product online!

  2. Don’t forget if you need any help on quilt making Aunty Ann is always there for advice. Do you have any quilting shops near you, there is a wonderful knitting/craft shop in clevedon which sell a wonder ful selection of quilting fabric.

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