An Ikea sofa is not just for Christmas…

Over the years, my style has reflected my changing lifestyle, which I guess is probably a common theme. During my childhood years, pink rainbows and pink fitted wardrobes made the perfect pink palace. In my early teen years, my first attempt at decorating my bedroom led to Violet and Lime…inspired by a jazzy bottle of loo cleaner that caught my eye! I then moved through the colour charts, pale lemon and sky blue, tangy orange and crisp white, pure white with arty travel photos (framed in the ubiquitous Ikea Clip frame…my first foray into Ikea)

Then I moved out and a succession of rented properties followed. The girly pad with the bright pink girly Ikea Klippan sofa, lime green curtains, zebra rug and giant neon pink print. The Victorian terrace with another girlfriend, stripped floors, high ceilings and cutesy furniture (another Ikea sofa was downstairs, there contagious, my friend had one too). The first home me and Mr Egg shared, Ikea this, borrowed that, a mish mash of two young peoples possessions, our first Ikea sofa together, a red six foot sofa bed. Our second home together…damp, dark and out of there in 6 weeks…(sofa dismantled and strapped on the roof of the Ford KA) The student and pre wedding years. White walls, glossy white furniture, red accessories, red Ikea sofa still on the scene. The baby pad, nursing chairs (comfort was king), changing tables, cot a new sofa.

Source: via Victoria on Pinterest

Source: via Caro on Pinterest

Source: via Victoria on Pinterest

So the ‘now’, is a young family, Me, Mr Egg and Baxter…a 20 month old whirlwind of a child and owners of another Ikea sofa! An Ektorp this time, flat packed and carried up three flights of stairs, and most importantly washable covers! Everything including the sofa is Baxter proofed, and if it’s not, it will be as soon as we discover Baxter doing what we thought wouldn’t be possible.

Furniture is thrifted and revamped, scratches to hand painted furniture doesn’t make me wince when I know there’s a matching tin of paint in the kitchen. Although still nice, second hand curtains with jam smears on them don’t make me cry, and chocolate smushed into the Ikea sofa is okay when you can pop the slip cover in the wash. Cream walls and cream carpets in the bedroom and hallway are still an issue, but the vane hope that a magic eraser and a professional carpet clean will see it come good!

I like to think that once we are through this particularly interesting phase, and we own our own home, I will be able to start designing a home which perhaps has more interesting features, little vignettes on hallway tables, carefully stacked books, furniture that isn’t either flat packed or scratched to within an inch of its life. I would like light colours, soft furnishings and light coloured floors. I would also like to own a sofa that hasn’t come from Ikea, preferably an upholstered Chesterfield! and whilst Im thinking about it, a matching set of Ghost chairs to go around a dinner table…most likely a flat packed Ikea job after shelling out on the Chesterfield and Ghosts!

Source: via Victoria on Pinterest

Source: via Victoria on Pinterest


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