My one and only shelf in the flat gets a mini makeover!

As I have mentioned before, I live in a flat with next to nothing in the storage stakes, and even less shelves then cupboards, and being a rented flat means that I can’t put any up either! So when I was recently assessing my storage/display options, I realised that I had severely neglected the one and only shelf in my flat.

The shelf in question is in the kitchen, and is non inspiring unpainted wood, which we use as a dumping shelf…its one of the few places, where Baxter can’t reach, he may be nimble, but he would need stilts to access it. It’s covered in all sorts of bits and bobs, cook books, cake stands, iron and anything we don’t know what to do with and things we don’t want Baxter to grab. So today, on this lovely wet dismal Sunday, I decided to spruce it up a little.

The paint in my kitchen is a funny mushroomy colour (bleugh), and doesn’t really lend itself to many styles that I like, but it does work okay’ish with Shabby Chic style. I’m not naturally drawn to shabby chic, but I have been rethinking that lately, with an active toddler, SC may suit my needs, the more scuffs and bumps the better right? Surprisingly, I managed to put together a little bundle of SC bits n bobs, cake stands, vintage egg crock, scales, picture frame and gorgeous tea cup and saucer my cousin bought for me. I then made some more pinwheel bunting (that stuff is addictive) out of some countryish paper that I had hanging around.

The cookbooks were relocated next to the cooker (slight fire hazard? Hmm, we will have to see how they fare), the crap was discarded shoved in a drawer, and the iron is still to be rehoused! Things we don’t want Baxter to touch, are currently being hidden behind the boiler (how very clever I hear you say).

I’m quite pleased with my little mini makeover since it cost me no pounds and made a spot of my kitchen look pretty. It needs work, from lack of Shabby Chic things, it’s a bit spartan and the heights of objects don’t quite work, but generally I’m pleased. I suppose the only real bugbear is the clock, not very vintage and not even a style I like…but essential for getting me to work on time, so it can’t come down until I find a replacement. Have you come across any vintage looking clocks that fall into the cheapo category? Or do you think it would be possible to give it a makeover???

Victoria xxx







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