Monochrome goes ‘pop’ courtesy of Dannii Minogue!

I didn’t think I would ever write one of these posts, the trusty, look my outfit matches my room, however all that is about to change. I recently bought a dress for a good friends wedding which happens to be in Italy, I am more than a little excited! I wanted something chic, but with vava voom, which would look great in pictures in years to come. The choice of dress was shock horror inspired by Dannii Minogue, who I happen to think actually rocks this dress to within an inch of its life, but what adds the X Factor (sorry had to get that in), are the delectable red shoes which make the dress ‘Pop’!

If you can pull your eyes away from Dannii’s frozen stare, just look at that beautiful dress she is wearing, bet that’s not from eBay.

Not a bad copy if I say so myself, mine however, is purchased from EBay…more money for red shoes!

Source: via Victoria on Pinterest

The red shoes add a ‘pop’ of colour (yep, I’ve fallen victim to the most over used contemporary interior term -‘pop’), which got me thinking about great rooms which mainly use one colour palette and then introduce a colour which makes everything come alive and look so lovely and vivid. I have hundreds of images stored of interiors which use this clever and gratifying trick, but for this post, I have decided just to focus on Black, White and Red (and a yellow one I couldn’t resist!)

Not sure about the tusks, but me likey the styling of this fairly masculine room.

DIY stripy curtains, enough fabric left over to make me a dress.

Love the way the white accessories are the focus of this room

Who can resist the fun of this room? Everybody needs yellow on a dull grey day.

Source: via Victoria on Pinterest

I had to include this room, it’s focus colour is achieved by using one of my all time favourite chairs. I’m still waiting Santa…

Source: via Victoria on Pinterest

So, are red shoes the way forward with this dress or what? What other colours could I wear with this dress to make it ‘Pop’!
Victoria xxx


One response

  1. Definitely red shoes with red clutch bag. I pulled the same look off once in my ‘thin days’ and not only did I feel amazing but a lot of people told me I looked it! X

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