Marry, Snog or Muzzle?!

I really should call this post ‘Blog jacker’ since I nicked this post off of Hi Sugarplum, but I have seen it floating about quite a lot in blog land recently! Anyhow, this post again is in lieu of something more crafty (or anything that involves me using my camera aka my iPhone) whilst I recover from my nasty nasty bug.

who would you choose to Snog, Marry or Muzzle?

1. Snog. David Duchovny, need I say more, he is hotness on a stick. Pure sexy Filth!

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Source: via Tannika on Pinterest

2. Marry. hmmm, difficult. Needs to be somebody with a dark sense of humour, tall, good looking and a passion for cushions and Farrow & Ball paints…well that’ll be Mr Egg then (apart from he hates cushions – yes really and only just about tolerates my interest in F&B!) but, in the name of this game it would have to be Ryan Reynolds, I would be very happy to discuss wallpaper and paint with this fine specimen for the rest of my life.

Source: via Barry on Pinterest

Source: via Ryan on Pinterest

I hear he has a developed a liking for cushions, since reading this blog post.

3. Muzzle: Any of the cast from Made in Chelsea. Yuck yuck yuck. I need say no more.


Penny for your thoughts!

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