Baxter almost ‘gets’ the concept of calling the Fire Brigade.

In the Egg household, we are getting over a very very unpleasant bug, Herpes Stomatitis, an incredibly painful oral infection, which after days of feeling yucky leaves you with mouth ulcers, why virus you shouldn’t have! . Baxter had it last week, and for the poor mite, it would have been much more painful, having never been exposed to the Herpes viral infection, but thankfully he is now on the mend, as are we. So the post I had planned for today, didn’t quite come together, as I’m sat in my jammys feeling a bit sorry for myself. But, I thought I would share this adorable picture of Baxter fully recovered ‘putting out a fire’ in his kitchen.

Ignore the shameful mess, a week of solid illness and the toys sprawl like an oil slick, and the fluff on the carpet multiplys!



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