Goldfish scale art!

So I finally got round to ‘creating’ something with my new Gluegun (nobody told me about the urge you get to glue anything and everything together when using one of these!).

Over the weekend I got all excited about ‘goldfish scale’ art, I’m not sure what the real name is if there is one, but that’s what it looks like to my untrained eye! Anyhow, if you remember my post from the weekend, I said I was going to create some of my own, and today I did!

So here it is in step by step technicolor glory!

Step 1. Gather all materials, heat up glue gun. Have a go at sticking fingers together just ‘for a laugh’

Step 2. Split shell disks into piles, this in theory helps you make sure your Goldfish art stays even. In my case, it would have helped to have actually stuck to using my counted piles of shells instead of playing about with them and messing up the piles, selecting shells as I went along.

Step 3. Glue them down. Don’t be stingy with the glue like I was, put a big splodge on, it will save you having to use one of your chopsticks or other kitchen utensil getting all gluey, when you need to use it to glue down rouge unstuck discs!

Step 4. Work along in rows.

Step 5. Stand back and admire your Goldfish art and wonder where the hell you will put it!

I was thinking of hanging ‘my art’ in our entry space, but it looks a bit lost, so I am now going to see if I can find any holes left behind by the landlady!

Victoria xxx








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