Ultimate Blog Party 2012


Hello there,

If you have landed on my blog via 5minutesformom.com, you probably clicked on the thumbnail with no picture! The thumbnail says quite a bit about me…I’m new(ish!), I don’t always know what I’m doing in the wonderful world of blogs, but I love having my own little blog and learning new things about blogging as I go along…the no show thumbnail, is tonight’s attempt at linking!!

Anyhow, besides my limited blogging skills (until recently all done via my iPhone, now my iPad!) welcome to my blog! My names Victoria and I started Dreams of Home last year whilst I was on maternity leave, mainly to keep a record of all of the interior design images I spent hours pouring over! I have more recently been using my blog to make new friends who don’t mind discussing wallpaper and paint!

I live on the sunny South Coast of England, in Brighton (London by the sea!) with my husband and adorable little monkey, Baxter! I love interior design, renovations, make overs and DIY and craft. Oh and I have a new found addiction to Pinterest…who doesn’t!

I am also trying to grow my fringe out (‘bangs’ for my American friends), and will be chronicling the challenges of growing the beast out!

That’s me below, on my honeymoon in New York…without a fringe!

Victoria xxx



Penny for your thoughts!

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