This is so cool, I had to post now…scaley!

I spend a lot of time surfing the net looking at pretty things, even more so since I got my iPad, but sometimes you get a busy blasé about all the pretty things, scanning hundreds and hundreds of images in any surfing session, but tonight I spotted something which made me jaw drop!

WOW How cool are these pieces? And what’s more, these are hand made!. These are crazy cool!

Let’s look in more detail..

Above:….you are awesome

Below:…you are awesomeas well!

Here is the proof these were made with the most simplest of materials.


I’m not sure what it is I like about them, the scale (ha ha) of them, the shape, the texture, I don’t know, just something about them I love!

I’m so inspired, that I got out my canvas ear marked for paint chip art, fished out on some lovely shell disks and priced me up a gluegun. I am going to get some scale art in my life. Tomorrow!

Are you as enamoured as me?

Victoria xxx


Penny for your thoughts!

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