Excuses for procrastination…

I don’t know about you, but I am guilty as charged of procrastination. I come up with such great ideas and plans, that you would think you were looking inside of Mr Makers maker mobil’ if you peeked inside my head, but actually getting down and doing the projects that I say I am going to do is another thing! I have found that I have four main reasons for procrastinating, instead of doing.

1. It might look crappy and amateur
2. Is it worth the financial investment? I.e will I actually get round to using a £10 can of Rustoleum Spray paint and do I really need the £15 heart cutter?
3. What if I tackle something big and expensive and it goes wrong?
4. Procrastination/ distraction itself.

I really need to get over these stumbling blocks and remember that making something is half the fun. Last Christmas, on a tight budget, I made all of my girlfriends handmade hampers. I made the boxes, decorated them and hand selected the contents. Whilst they clearly didn’t look like something from a Martha Stewart magazine, my friends loved them and I felt really proud of my little hampers.

I think the money thing is something most people can relate to, being more careful with what money you have and what you spend it on. We are currently living on just my salary, Mr Egg is having a well earned career break to look after Baxter and be a house husband, so to afford this luxury we are making a few small sacrifices, no eating out at lunch times, reduced Childcare, less train travel, a lot less new clothes and no more cushions (this applies mainly me, I don’t recall Mr Egg ever purchasing cushions?) However, I need to weigh up the pleasure of actually making something, and sometimes making something for a lot less moolah than it would cost you in the shops. Plus a tenner for a can of spray paint vs two delicious Bagelman bagels is a no brainer really – especially the speed I inhale them, chomp and they are gone, whereas a shiny new spray painted cut glass vase will bring satisfaction and beauty to my home (so long as it doesn’t look crappy!

The third excuse is about not ruining something ‘big’. In my case this applies to our Nursing Rocker. When Mr Egg bought this for me after the birth of Baxter, I wouldn’t have swapped it for the world, nursing Baxter through the night, this little chair bought me so much comfort and happines. At the time I couldn’t have cared less about what it looked like, it could have been made out of egg cartons and I would have still loved it. But, now that baby baby phase has passed (sob), I no longer use it for nursing, and it’s just an extra seat in our living room, sticking out like a sore thumb and looking a bit grubby. What I really would love to do, is paint the Beech coloured wood and re-upholster the cushions. I know that it would look a million times better and it would make me happy, but I just can’t bring myself to do it! I guess, this is something I need to weigh up the pros and cons and as far as I can see, there are more pros than cons….

The last excuse is distraction! I’ve had my materials all set out to complete a project this afternoon to get creating, and what have I done? Rambled on about excuses and the justification for it, when I could have actually made something…so the biggest thing to learn from all this is erm ‘just do it!

These are some of the projects I want to tackle over the next month;

1. Paint chip Art ala Honey Were Home.

2. Back of door organiser. As seen on A Thoughtful Place.

3. Spray painted cut glass vases. I spotted something similar in Zara Home, but thought it would be cool to create something for a fraction of the price.

Source: diylife.com via Victoria on Pinterest

4. Put shiny new knobs on TV Bench.

5. Chocolate Easter Cake. Not strictly a crafty project, but I promised Mr Egg I would bake him his favourite gluten free chocolate cake this Easter, but couldn’t make it last weekend as Baxter was poorly.

So what excuses do you use?

Check back here same time next week to see how many of these images have been replaced with pictures of my own creations!

Victoria xxx


One response

  1. I procrastinate all the time. My quilt for Zofia has been in my head for about 2 years and my cushions are still un-covered although I have the fabric. The beach bags are still on the ‘to-do’ list and it goes on and on and on, join the club xx

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