Goodbye ugly hole’s


Told you they was u.g.l.y and who on earth puts a room thermostat smack bang in the middle of the wall? Tbh it’s a good job iPads camera is crappy and you can’t really see them, cus dem holes, de is rank!

So this is the post where I show you how I cover up the butt ugly holes in the middle of my wall which I have been staring at for nearly 20 months! And when I say middle of my wall, I mean middle of my main wall, greeting me and visitors as soon as you walk into my living room!

I’ve been quite inspired this Easter weekend following 3 solid days of sofa surfing with a poorly Baxter, spending double digit hours surfing the wonderful worldwide web. I read one of my favourite blogs* from creation to its current evolved self and spent hours pinning! One project I came across a few times was the use of tapestry hoops hung as frames.

This would look great in Baxter’s nursery

You would have thought I Would have come up with a plan sooner to hide the ugly holes left behind by the landlady, and I did, but nothing worked. The main problem was that the ugly holes are spaced out equally – and not in a useful way either and they can’t be filled as this would equate to painting the whole living room (you should see the clauses and inventory for our rental agreement!). I tried to hang a cool gallery, but using someone else’s leftover holes (sounds a tad rude!) does not work when trying to hang a gallery. I tried hanging some big statement pieces, but I was still left with ugly spare holes, so I basically gave up!

So, back to my pinspiration – tapestry hoops. I decided to get a bunch of random hoops and fill them with fabrics I have used in other projects in this room. Filling the hoops was a piece of cake, select pattern, tighten hoop, trim and tape down any flappy bits with masking tape. The hoops don’t make my beloved £1 (thank you v muchas TK Max!) cuckoo clock stick out too badly due to their roundness and cover the ugly holes while tying in with some of the other decor in my room. I got the hoops this morning from local Charity shops. I only managed to find 4, so the 5th hole is still awaiting its hoop cover… Surely one of those 13(!) Charity shops on George Street, should deliver one soon.

So what do you think? An improvement on the ugly holes, or leave the holes and continue playing the ‘I rent so can’t change em’ card?

*You should check out Hi Sugarplum blog (see my blogroll on the right) if you want to read an utterly charming blog, written by a very funny girl called Cassie. She is the kind of girl who uses the grouting on her tiled floor as a ruler – which smacks of the kind of thing I would so do, and she still manages to pull her projects off with aplomb!

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