The joys of renting a flat with zilch storage!

That’s right, we have no storage whatsoever, other than our kitchen units and the crappy falling down triple wardrobe! When we moved into this flat 20 months ago, it was not such an issue, but one inquisitive 18 month old toddler later and it is a nightmare. Not only do we have incredibly limited storage options, but Baxter has the arm span of an Orangatang. Baxters little hands creep up onto any storage space waist height and pull down whatever’s up there for inspection and he goes through cupboards quicker than you can say ‘quick stick the sticky locks on’, so we have the additional problem of hiking everything up higher than B can reach.

I dream of the day that we have a cupboard by the front door to store our coats, shoes and other things that inevitably get dumped in our entry space – we currently fold coats out of use and store them in boxes under the bed or on the backs of bedroom doors and into our teeny tiny shared wardrobe, not ideal when you are a women who loves to have a coat for every occasion.

I want a wardrobe that I don’t have to share not only with Mr Egg, but all of our towels and bed linen and anything else which needs a home at short notice…Baxter’s trike (!), two bags of play food, baby shoes, a lamp, winter boots… I would love a wardrobe I could walk into, but the only way that will happen here, is if we decant Baxter onto the roof!

So, in the meantime I am on the hunt for ideas for organising small spaces, on a budget and involving changes that can be changed back at short notice…the joy of renting! Hopefully though we will move from here into somewhere better in the next 6-12 months.

This post was going to have a makeover feel about it, i.e I empty the content of my wardrobe, work some magic and put up some pictures of the beautiful transformation. Unfortunately, whist my wardrobe looks much tidier, the crap has basically been redistributed under beds and into drawers. The before and after pics are almost as shameful as each other…although I did discover a good tip for storing duvet sets – pop them into one of the sets pillowcases.

One of the funniest things I kept thinking of when typing this post was a comment made by my colleague Kate, I bet your wardrobes are beautifully organised and you have drawers full of beautifully organised lingerie oh how I laughed, how we present ourselves and who we really are!

Hmm, iPad 2’s camera is pretty pants…I shall call it soft focus.



Yep, that’s the after (above)

Source: via Victoria on Pinterest

I dream of a laundry cupboard like this.

Source: via Victoria on Pinterest

And a wardrobe like this, wouldn’t sniff at the contents too…

Any ideas or go to sites or stores for inspiration?

Looking at my very amateur pictures, I think I should point out that Mr Eggs clothes are in the tiny sidecar wardrobe…for anybody interested, similar crappy triple wardrobes can be purchased in the cheap ass put it together yourself mdf crap section in Argos or the likes…it is most definitely not ours, it was left behind by our landlady!


Penny for your thoughts!

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