TV Bench Makeover

After staring at our hideous ‘make do’ TV stand, also known as an on the side Ikea Expedit Unit, I could take it no more, so I went and  scoured gumtree and Ebay and found myself a little gem (not of the lettuce variety, although it was green).

Mr Egg was not pleased, he thought that the new unit would sit in the kitchen, providing practice climbing material for Baxter (our toddler is blessed with the skills of a mountain goat!) until the day we moved. Well, HA, I revamped it in 2 days flat (no easy task, with a little mountain goat nipping at your heels…quite literally).

I have to say I am thrilled with my new unit, it looks pretty good, was very satisfying to carry out and best of all Mr Egg is impressed!

I painted it in my beloved Farrow & Ball Charleston Grey and gave it two good coats. All it needs now is new hardware, anybody know where I can get square, amber coloured, acrylic drawer pulls from?

Ignore the skanky trainer mountain in the background and general mess...

A couple of coats of F&B later = a new unit I am pleased with


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