Yay, I got me an IPad!

I am beyond happy that I bought myself my most extravagant treat in the last five years! I finally bought a beautiful white iPad. I have wanted one for months and months, pretty much as soon as I was introduced to the world of Apple via my iPhone, and I have to say it has not disappointed me in the slightest. When I opened it, it is that feeling they describe when you hold your new born child, love at first sight! I love it so much, I’m going to get a cute little jacket for it, something pastel coloured me thinks (I’m into pastel big time at the moment, not that many of my possessions reflect that…yet)

The other really good thing about me now owning something beautiful with so much functionality, is the ability to blog without having to use my iPhone, which is nearly impossible – especially if you are very short sighted like moi. Talking of being short sighted, I did purchase a magnificent pair of specs recently, tortoiseshell cats eye frames with neon pink inner, love love love.

Now to browse the net and decide in which jacket to get…


5 weeks into Lent with no Chocolate, Cake or Biscuits…I am going crazy…

Yep, as the title say’s, I am literally going doolally (as my old nan would say).  I can not stop thinking about the above mentioned items, they are sending me wild. I almost cracked today (although I am not sure if it would have been possible, having no contraban in the house!), however I have decided to stick with my original goal, to give up my favourite food group until Easter Sunday. Two weeks to go, two weeks to go!

I am planning an Easter Party just for little ol me (althoug Mr Egg and Baby Egg will of course want to join me!).  My Easter Sunday is going to go something like this.

6am – Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg

7am – Dairy Milk Egg

9am – Hot Cross Buns, toasted with butter and Jam

9.15  – Handful of M&M’s

12.00 – Another egg (any variety at this point)

1.00 Roast Spring Lamb with all the trimmings

2.00 A chocolate Easter Cake of some description (most likely sporting a top layer of mini eggs)

2.15 A handmade truffle

3.00 Some more M&M’s

4.00 More Chocolate Easter Cake

5.00 Something possibly non chocolately (but it’s unlikely)

6.00 Cup of tea with Chocolate Digestives

7.00 More Easter Eggs

8.00 More Easter Eggs

9.00 Handmade truffles with wine.

Looking forward to my Easter Eggstravaganza, how will you be spending yours???

MMMMM Chocolate

TV Bench Makeover

After staring at our hideous ‘make do’ TV stand, also known as an on the side Ikea Expedit Unit, I could take it no more, so I went and  scoured gumtree and Ebay and found myself a little gem (not of the lettuce variety, although it was green).

Mr Egg was not pleased, he thought that the new unit would sit in the kitchen, providing practice climbing material for Baxter (our toddler is blessed with the skills of a mountain goat!) until the day we moved. Well, HA, I revamped it in 2 days flat (no easy task, with a little mountain goat nipping at your heels…quite literally).

I have to say I am thrilled with my new unit, it looks pretty good, was very satisfying to carry out and best of all Mr Egg is impressed!

I painted it in my beloved Farrow & Ball Charleston Grey and gave it two good coats. All it needs now is new hardware, anybody know where I can get square, amber coloured, acrylic drawer pulls from?

Ignore the skanky trainer mountain in the background and general mess...

A couple of coats of F&B later = a new unit I am pleased with