Enough with the Dandelions…

Not real dandelions, they are charming.

Hmm, it's 3pm, time for tea. (and cake)

but that eye achingly ugly Dandelion motif everywhere…

No, no,no.


Too many Dandelions on the dancefloor. This is small for a reason, it would hurt your eyes to see too much dandelion.

I went duvet shopping the other day, which should have been a pleasant task, however I kept coming across this eye achingly ugly design, bedding, wallpaper, artwork, cups, chairs, which did not help one iota to lift my black ‘dream house has gone for more than I can afford mood’. Is it perchance the new ‘Eternal beau’? remember that revolting pattern from the 80’s?  that adorned pretty much every 80’s couples wedding list and that was everywhere as well, china, saucepans, microwaves, bins, chopping boards and anywhere else that had a flat surface.

I'm sure they did it on toilet roll too?

So how did the ugly dandelion pattern pop its head up everywhere like an unwanted weed? Answers on a postcard please.

That should do the trick...

Anyhow, enough ranting about dandelions, this beautiful copper light shade by Tom Dixon has certainly helped to lift my black mood (It would totally be lifted if I happened to stumble across one incorrectly priced for say £32 and not the £320 price tag it usually carries).

Santa, if your listening...

I would absolutely love to use one of these in a project, perhaps a bedroom with high ceilings, beautiful crisp white paintwork, sash windows (sounding very like my dream house that we almost scored. sob) and dark walls…something like this, to add warmth and drama.

How beautiful is that?

Love love love love love love...get the message

Imitators beware...you will never capture the beautiful lustre of natural copper (but to be fare for £15 your not all bad Asda Cilla Lamp)


Right, i’m off now to start hunting for a new residency, the Eggs are moving YAY!!!!


Penny for your thoughts!

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