Enough with the Dandelions…

Not real dandelions, they are charming.

Hmm, it's 3pm, time for tea. (and cake)

but that eye achingly ugly Dandelion motif everywhere…

No, no,no.


Too many Dandelions on the dancefloor. This is small for a reason, it would hurt your eyes to see too much dandelion.

I went duvet shopping the other day, which should have been a pleasant task, however I kept coming across this eye achingly ugly design, bedding, wallpaper, artwork, cups, chairs, which did not help one iota to lift my black ‘dream house has gone for more than I can afford mood’. Is it perchance the new ‘Eternal beau’? remember that revolting pattern from the 80’s?  that adorned pretty much every 80’s couples wedding list and that was everywhere as well, china, saucepans, microwaves, bins, chopping boards and anywhere else that had a flat surface.

I'm sure they did it on toilet roll too?

So how did the ugly dandelion pattern pop its head up everywhere like an unwanted weed? Answers on a postcard please.

That should do the trick...

Anyhow, enough ranting about dandelions, this beautiful copper light shade by Tom Dixon has certainly helped to lift my black mood (It would totally be lifted if I happened to stumble across one incorrectly priced for say £32 and not the £320 price tag it usually carries).

Santa, if your listening...

I would absolutely love to use one of these in a project, perhaps a bedroom with high ceilings, beautiful crisp white paintwork, sash windows (sounding very like my dream house that we almost scored. sob) and dark walls…something like this, to add warmth and drama.

How beautiful is that?

Love love love love love love...get the message

Imitators beware...you will never capture the beautiful lustre of natural copper (but to be fare for £15 your not all bad Asda Cilla Lamp)


Right, i’m off now to start hunting for a new residency, the Eggs are moving YAY!!!!


Horse hair bench makeover

This little bench was a real pleasure to fix up as it was my first attempt at reupholstering and it didn’t go dreadfully wrong.

BIt George and Mildred for me...and you can't see the mildew...urgh

I bought the bench at a carboot sale for £8 and knew that it could be given a new lease of life as soon as I spotted it.

First of all I removed the skanky floral fabric (which admittedly took me about 2 months to get round to doing as we started using said bench as a footstool…ugh!) and then measured out a new cover. I then removed all of the old pins and tacks. Next I straightened out the ‘innards’ (what’s the technical name for that webbing stuff that holds in the horse hair?) and then nailed down with gimp  pins (yep, thats there real name!) the new fabric cover.

Then I sanded down the bench itself, once with a medium paper and once with a fine paper. Finally the fun part, painting the little beauty. I decided on using Satinwood, as I could not decide between high gloss or eggshell so went for something inbetween. I had the colour made up to compliment the fabric I used and applied two coats whilst B was sleeping over the period of two nights.

What would I do differently next time?

I am pretty pleased with the results, although for a future bench makeover I would pick totally different fabric and maybe try out Annie Sloane paints for a classier look, however as I didn’t want to spend loads this fabric was pretty for the amount I spent…less than a fiver and the paint came in at under a tenner! I would also take more care with the corners of the fabric and tack them in tighter as the extra bulk from the fabric has put stress on the corner joints and has created a small gap in the joins…but hey I can live with that for a first attempt!

You are a very cute little bench indeed. Saggy moroccan pouffe you need a good stuffing HAHA

With my new 'Mummy Rules' cushion...well I am the Queen of this house!

I’m back with a plan of attack!

I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks spending all my time with baby B as I will be returning to work on the 12th September and B will be going to nursery (sob!) so there has been a distinct lack of posts, but thats about to change as I have committed myself to post at least three times a week…as I just know you all want to read about the fantastic life of a mummy with too many ideas and not enough time!

So, whilst I have been playing with monkey chops I have been compiling a list of things to do and make to show on my blog  and some ideas for future posts. My list looks a little something like this:-

1. Paint this unit (below) and a little drawer unit (sorry no pic as it’s still in my car’s boot after scavaging it from a bin!) in Arles Yellow with Annie Sloane paints. Little bit excited about trying out Annie Sloane paints, as I have seen some amazing makeovers using them and read such good things. This unit will eventually form part of B’s nursery furniture, when he gets his new room in his new home (more on that in another post).

Needs new hardware and a new shutter thing inside. That's me and the egg on our wedding day on top (and all the rest of the crap in the spare room)

2. Paint this baby – colour to be decided after experimenting with the Arles yellow.

It was this vile silver colour when I won it on ebay, 6 months later and it's still the same. And for some unknown reason I can't edit this silly photo!

3. Change living room from lime and chocolate scheme to plum and coco…using my gorgeous new cushions

4. Try out living room ‘left overs’ in bedroom, as it is dull dull dull in there at the moment.

5. Make little felt hearts for possible christmas decorations or gifts. Wish I had a picture of a beautiful little felt heart I bought the other day for Baby B’s girlfriend.

Not loads and loads, but enough to get my teeth stuck into over the next couple of weeks!