Autumn high street fashion edit.

I love Autumn, big fat full stop, but other than all of the goodness of autumn, one thing gets my juices flowing more than anything…Autumn fashion!!!  There is nothing I love more than a new seasons clothes, especially Autumn/Winter. Great colours, exciting textures, accessories, tights, boots, coats…I could go on (but I won’t as im typing this whilst I am in need of some zzz’s). This season, my preliminary hunt for fabulous autumn clothing has not disappointed. The only thing that has disappointed me is my lack of clothing budget this year…a years maternity leave has drained the Eggs finances, however all is not lost, it just means I must be more creative with my purchases this year. This is my pick of the best so far…

Pied Tierre £130

Pied A Terre. £130. Brown brogues in mock crock. They may be flat, but you can push a pram and peel an orange at the same time...

Hobbs Olive heart dress.£119 Love this. Can't afford this 😦

Warehouse sequin stripe t-shirt. £55. I'm loving sequins at the moment.

Jonathan Saunders for Debenhams. Black mosaic print dress £75. Look amazing in the flesh

Topshop Sequin chiffon top £40. I actually need this, it will go with EVERYTHING.

Reiss pleated skirt £95...might be more flattering for big bums!

Berry chiffon layer dress. £40 Wallis

Delicious mustard yellow pussy cat bow blouse from Peacocks £15


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