Dream space or head space? What is a blog?

I am one who is known to spend a lot of time pondering stuff, big and small, but I didn’t expect to  be writing about some of the stuff I ponder about (other than my love for interior design) here on my blog, however I read a post the other day on Look Linger Love about how often we portray a perfect life on our blogs and how this can sometimes give readers the impression that life is indeed rosy for a small number of people – perfect marriage, perfect kids, perfect home, perfect life!. However, the author of this blog admitted to airbrushing on a photo shoot, changing a lot of nappies and editing out the shitty parts of her life.

My life would be rosy if only my kitchen looked like this.

This got me thinking, but isn’t a blog a platform for displaying just the good and interesting bits? I know when I log on, i’m usually after a fix of pretty, I want to see images that dazzle me, makeovers that inspire me and read amusing tidbits from peoples lifes, a bit of voyeurism lite if you will, if I want to read news stories about suffering, I log onto the BBC website and see what attrocities humans have created today. But, then I started pondering a bit more, thinking about my favourite blogs, what makes me keep going back? is it the hefty dose of pretty, similar design tastes and snippets of perfect lives offered up on each and every blog? Yes and no is the answer, I do want to see picture perfect homes and families in all their techni-colour glory and I want to see the dreams of others and how they manifest themselves, whether that be through interiors, family life or career success. But it’s more than that, I am interested in the bloggers themselves, their real everyday lifes, their familys and relations, what they have been up to and what they aspire to achieve, I like to hear what they have to say, their values and opinions. It’s being in a community with like minded individuals, all striving to create better lives for themselves and their families, whether that be through well thought out carefully designed homes or ambitions and career success .

Just something pretty to look at whilst I'm deep in thought

The authors of these blogs are sharing and documenting a little bit of their journey, inspiring others along the way, demonstrating the power of putting your dream out there and going for it. The authors don’t know who is reading their blog (other than their loyal followers) and the reader only gets to know snippets about the author, but the power to inspire is phenominal. I know I get up in the morning and want to try and make my life as good as it can be, if my blogging heros can do that, well so can I, and this power is not delivered to me via a glossy magazine and a marketing campaign, these are real lifes only edited to inspire.

I could have a nap here after all that thinking, that purple afghan looks cosy.

And that for me is the rub, blogs are more than just about the pretty, they distill tiny edited portions of real peoples lives, people who not only talk the talk, but create dream spaces to live, and online spaces to inspire and nurture, allowing you to dream your dream.



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  1. The women who owns that beauty had it customised. You should see the rest of the owners home, it is nothing short of eclectic heaven. I’ll scan in a few of the pics from Homes & Gardens as I can’t find the images online. xxx

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