Could this be one of the coolest ideas ever?

Cruising the net this afternoon (yes, I know I should be packing for my holidays or at least outside enjoying the fine weather), and checking out one of my favourite design blogs, Elements of Style, I almost hyperventilated (okay maybe that’s too strong a word, but I was very excited) over EOS’s post on this website, O’verlays by Danika & Cheryle IIC! This is such a simple yet brilliant idea, fed up with your Ikea looking, well a little too Ikea, how about giving it a customisable and glam look with O’verlays. O’verlays are  light weight decorative fretwork panels, which you stick onto your Ikea furniture, or any existing piece that needs to be pimped up and then you customise. The team behind this concept, have started up a blog to show you before and afters, and you will not be disappointed. The prices for the custom kits and panels are really good value too, and they ship to the UK too which is fabulous!  Have a look at some of these beauties and tell me what you would you use them for? I have a few ideas bubbling away and it may involve a tallboy!

How good is this?


Clever use of fretwork on unit and wall. And I love how fresh this unit looks.

Hello pretty, want to come home with me?

This is the common Ikea 'Lack' pimped up to the max and looking fab. This is the equivalent of turning a garden knome into Barbie! Wicked!




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