‘Chair’eo backpain – get it?!

Backpain. Discuss. Okay, where do I start? I have had it on and off for the past three years, I hate it, I am reduced to swearing every time I sit down, stand up, move, I sound like I have tourettes. It makes me miserable and I have it right now. I want rid of it. However I had a lightbulb moment earlier and I am ashamed to say it should have happened a long time ago (the lightbulb moment) –  I have identified probably one of the main reasons I get back pain (that and a dodgy op in 2009)…I sit like a freaking contorted croissant when im using my laptop (which is a LOT of the time), hunched over/ bent double, twisted to the side, keeping the laptop away from B (who I secretly think is attempting to float his dot.com company on the internet). I could really kick myself for not realising that sitting this way is a sure fire way to aggrivate a bad back, as a good friend would say ‘who’s the dick?!’

My spine looks something like this...

Any hows, this got me to start thinking that we really do need a home study/ office or at least a desk to sit at, (Mr Egg does not fare much better, he  leans over onto a side cabinet whilst sitting in our nursing chair that glides…it may come as no surprise he suffers with his back too) so I started planning what I would like our office home study to look like and what chair I would pick if money were no object. So, here is my lust list of chairs (this was quite difficult as there are like a million chairs that I love, but the rule was that the chair actually needed to be ergonomically sound and be suitable for a study) and whilst we are on the subject, I have chucked in some dream home studies*.

* I’m really pissed that I can’t find a picture of one of my all time favourite offices…should have saved a copy. It is Designer Erin Gates home office. Ghost chair, zebra rug, kelly green accents and a beautiful large glass desk. Unfortunately I didn’t save the image and Erin’s portfolio has recently been updated. I hope it turns up again in blog land.

c/o Living Etc. Stuck what to get me for xmas? One of these please.

I love. Simple. Eames Management chair.

Italian Danda cattelan lime swivel.

Italian Danda chair in orange leather.

Herman Miller, Aero Chair. Shame this one wouldn't fit in my bag with the staples and post it notes when I left a boring admin job in 2000. Not beautiful, but superbly comfortable.

Only joking, although it is a tiny little bit cool, because it's odd.

c/o Amanda Nisbet. Sweet, maybe ditch the sugar pink boards - I like, not sure Mr Egg would. The desk is a beaut though.

Very grand and grown up. Who doesn't like a bit of lucite? My shelves would not stay that tidy though...probably not the study for me

I love this study, who ever designed it, I salute you! Simple, modern and very achievable. Loving the wall gallery and the two Sapien vertical bookshelves.

c/o Made by girl. I can see Mr and Mr Egg sitting here, just need a little desk for B.


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