New trend? Old trend? I don’t care, I love it.

I am currently having a soft spot for all interiors yellow at the moment. I can’t get enough of them. I would love to do a yellow room, not an insipid yellow, but one where the yellow pops out at you and brings a modern touch to a classical interior. Yellow seems to be having a revival recently, there are some really great modern interiors out there which are using zesty yellow, limey yellow and sunburst yellows to bring contrast into some unexpected settings, but the use of yellow as a striking accent is not necessarily a new trend, striking yellow accents can be found in interiors dating over 250 years ago.

c/o The V&A Guide to Period Styles - Anna Jackson

The yellow seating in this Chinoiserie (1750-1765) tea alcove, literally jumps out at you against the blue, but still looks in harmony with the room, and I’m sure if your more of an art history nerd than I am, you could find reference to this classic combination dating further back.  I am going to try my hardest to get some yellow in my life this week, before I have to wait another 200 years for the trend to reappear.


Christina Murphy Interior Design. Gorgeous.

Simple yellow pop

The stuff dreams are made of.

Summer Thornton Interior Design

Mellow yellow c/o Amber Interiors

Truly inspiring


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