Interim makeover and a new goal!

After lusting over several beautiful blogs, I decided I needed to overhaul my blogs sorry arse image, as quite frankly it looked pants. My new look is all free, and most of the pretty things came via Pugly Pixel, which is a damn cool site, which has a cute little section of freebies, premiums (at $5 and under) and tutorials, which I shall be looking at later. However, I want a really groovy site, but alas, you have to pay out for that, so, I have set myself a target…IF (and that’s a big if) I get over 50 followers by christmas time, I will break out the wallet and get me a fancy pants blog makeover. So spread the word, tell your friends that you love my blog and want to get all cool and stuff and follow me. You know you want to.


Penny for your thoughts!

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