Oh mighty Expedit

Expedit Island hack

Expedit, you are a treasure! I only discovered the Expedit by chance a couple of months ago when looking for somewhere/ something to house Mr Eggs record collection (he prefers the term vinyl collection, which does, I guess sound a bit cooler).  A good friend of mine who’s husband also has a vast ‘vinyl’ collection had used the humble Expedit to house the collection and it looked pretty damn cool, which is the last thing I thought I would say about a record collection. I then discovered that apparently that pretty much everybody with a vinyl collection uses these. Anyhow, I digress, the thing is, now we have an Expedit and it is filled with records, I want it for my stuff. I am having a lime green moment and I want to display all of my limey green goodies, which I think would look pretty cool in the dark chocolate cubes, or I would like to store my decorating books if this was in my home office*, or my linen collection in my bedroom (if I had a white Expedit) or my towels if this was also white and in my bathroom. However for now, I will have to work on convincing Mr Egg that we could squeeze an Expedit into the kitchen to display my kitchen nic  nacs. Here is the humble Expedit standing back doing its thing in these cool rooms.

I have also discovered that one of my favourite ever Designer and Blogger’s, Erin Gates of Elements of Style has a thing for them too and has written a post on the virtues of Expedit. And if that isn’t enough Expedit love, there are webpages (including this one on Pinterest) dedicated to the wholesome goodness of the humble and mighty Expedit and examples of how they have been changed into some pretty cool and unique things.

* I don’t have a home office, apart from in my head…one day, one day.


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  1. Hey, that’s my kitchen! 🙂 My mom is the genius behind the Expedit Island, she dreamed it up for my 388 sq. foot condo. It took less than an hour to construct and has gotten so much use. It’s a table, it’s a desk, it’s storage for cookbooks and bottles of wine, it’s a bar for when friends come over, it’s a kitty hiding place… And so much cheaper and more functional than most other kitchen islands. Hooray mom!

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