Ghost furniture, hauntingly beautiful.

Late last night on my Friday night internet trawl (staying in surfing the net, is the new friday mojito replacement…well it is when you have ze small bebe!) I came across this fantastic blog Designers Block, which I discovered is owned by a lovely lady called Di Overton who owns one of the best high quality vintage renovation shops I have come across, Ghost Furniture. Some of the pieces Di designs and creates are drool worthy, they are  simply stunning. Her philosophy is to bring back pieces of quality furniture from the dead and make it hauntingly beautiful, which she does in abundance. Her pieces are high quality and highly  unusal which make them all the more desirable. What’s more and the icing on the cake is that Di runs a course in Dordogne, the South West of France, (if my numbers come up tonight, I will be typing my details into paypal, quicker than you can say, show me the way to the Brocante) which not only teaches you how to pick and style your own piece, but you get to stay in this gorgeous hideaway

Dreamy space for dreaming up your masterpiece

and cool off in this pretty pool…

I feel like ze artiste already, just looking at ze pool.

Right, enough day dreaming, I need to finish my assignment and make a cup of tea before monkey wakes up from his nap, so I bid you good day and leave you with some of the beautiful pieces created by Di Overton, available from her gorgeous web shop Ghost Furniture.

This is to die for. Imagine this against a smoke grey wall, next to a diamond upholstered headboard...kill me now

Love the use of the silouhette on this chair.

I adore these. Beautiful little French pattiserie tins framed to perfection.

Too bad this has been sold. Isn't this beautiful.

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Knock knock:- I’m not in. I’m out stalking front doors…

I think my neighbour may think I am a weirdo stalker, I love this door and cross over the road to admire it all the time. (Unfortunately the sun wasn't shining on the day I took the pic and didn't highlight the beautiful modern stained glass feature)

Heading out to snap my favourite door  on my street (as you do), I started thinking about all of the beautiful doors I have seen around town and what a good idea it would be to take pictures of these and create a post just about front doors, then I started thinking wouldnt it be a good idea to do a series of posts called inside out or something like that, where I do a post each week, on each room in the typical home (typical as in ‘my dream home’ typical), starting with the front facade of the house, entry space, living room, dining room, kitchen, additional spaces (if your lucky enough to have one of these), staircase, bathroom, master bedroom, kids rooms, nursery (which im looking forward to doing as I need inspiration for B’s room), guest room, ensuite and finally  back garden. Then for the finale I might create my fantasy home out of the best images…

So for now, here are some lovely doors to get you salivating, some from my neighbourhood and some off of the t’internet.

Something about blue doors. I LOVE THEM

Not a fan of mushrooms, but this door in mushroom is lovely. Love the checkerboard tiles too.

This one's mine. It's lovely, but could try harder. I think I really want a pastel blue door.

I love love love this door, I wish I knew who lived there.

So pretty, but would it work well on a wet wednesday in Blighty?

Funky pink bubblegum pink door. Brave, but works beautifully.

Contemporary front door from Urban Front

New trend? Old trend? I don’t care, I love it.

I am currently having a soft spot for all interiors yellow at the moment. I can’t get enough of them. I would love to do a yellow room, not an insipid yellow, but one where the yellow pops out at you and brings a modern touch to a classical interior. Yellow seems to be having a revival recently, there are some really great modern interiors out there which are using zesty yellow, limey yellow and sunburst yellows to bring contrast into some unexpected settings, but the use of yellow as a striking accent is not necessarily a new trend, striking yellow accents can be found in interiors dating over 250 years ago.

c/o The V&A Guide to Period Styles - Anna Jackson

The yellow seating in this Chinoiserie (1750-1765) tea alcove, literally jumps out at you against the blue, but still looks in harmony with the room, and I’m sure if your more of an art history nerd than I am, you could find reference to this classic combination dating further back.  I am going to try my hardest to get some yellow in my life this week, before I have to wait another 200 years for the trend to reappear.


Christina Murphy Interior Design. Gorgeous.

Simple yellow pop

The stuff dreams are made of.

Summer Thornton Interior Design

Mellow yellow c/o Amber Interiors

Truly inspiring