A little bit of spring prettiness

Yesterday the Egg family upped sticks and visited Rye in West Sussex. What a gorgeous little place, percect for a lazy picnic and some meandering.  It is approx 90 minute train journey by train from Brighton and is a little historic town situated sligihtly inland from the coast.

Picnic – yummy, walk though fields full of new spring lambs – check, stroll through historic cobbled streets – done, antique shop visit- check, which is where I stummbled upon a little gem called Country Collectables. (Sorry the pic isn’t great as I was trying to walk and snap pics at the same time, and couldnt check the image as the sun was in the way).

Im not usually one for pastely prettiness and 50′s kitsch (I often associate it with budget ranges in Argos and Matalan…sickly pink buckets and mops, toasters and tea towels…bleugh!), but this shop was styled so well that I felt there could be a little space in my heart for this style of prettiness. The collection of icecream/ sundae dishes, rabbit shaped jelly moulds and bowls was so lovely and all of the colours together against the white brick walls just made me want to live in a little farmhouse in the country with white washed walls, bake in an apron, have ditsy prints everywhere and use pretty pastel crockery. The shop also had a lovely collection of Cornish styleware too which was equally as lovely.

However, whilst I entertained the farmhouse dream for about ooh 50 seconds (you would have to prise me out of the city like a limpet off a rock), I did start to think about how some of the pieces could be used in a more contemporary setting. The limey green sundae bowls could be used to store jewellery and trinkets on a high gloss or mirrored unit, the blue bowels could be used in any modern setting filled with fruit or flowers (how about some bright perfect orange or nectarines?) and the pink mini lamp (bottom shelf) could be used to add a pretty detail to many a room.

I am not actually sat kicking myself that I didn’t buy a rabbit jelly mould (to hang somewhere unexpectedly) or the pink mini lamp…oh well it is only 90 minutes away…I feel a day trip part two coming on.

Picnic in the sun with Baby B

Sunny field full of lambykins...nobody mention mint sauce.

Country Collectables, Rye, West Sussex

My eyes got fat looking at this sugary prettiness

More sugary goodness

I want to eat Devon custard when looking at these...

Not quite a farmhouse, but I could easily imagine myself wearing an apron in here


Plastic is not my bag, but I do love a bit of Kartell

Can I just say how much I love Kartell. As the post mentions, this suprises me immensely, as I am such a fan of soft tactile objects, and plastic is not my bag, however, the beautiful jewel tones and simple shapes of the chairs, stools and lighting wins me over.

I had been aware of the brand for a while (having spent a long time lusting over the Phillipe Starck Louis Ghost Chairs for a couple of years), but hadnt actually bothered to check out what other goods they made, considering plastic is not my bag. However, when looking out for some contemporary lighting for a project, I came across the ‘GE Ceiling Light’ in ‘Clear’ from humble old John Lewis.

This light is a perfect contemporary foil for more classic elegant rooms. It brings a modern feel to rooms which you perhaps want to decorate less often like a hallway. My project (if it goes ahead) will use some classic Wisteria wallpaper from Farrow and Ball and will have a very elegant feel about it, however as the owners are a young professional couple in their early thirties I need to ensure that the hallway reflects their young style. The GE is perfect for this.

So I carried on checking outa the rest of Kartells range and I was totally inspired. The chairs are another post altogether (the new peachy sepia coloured ghost chairs are amazing), the pedalstals, cabinets and lighting…OMG! These items, are ultimately plastic (a material im not a massive fan of) but they have such beautiful colour depth and simple shapes. These items are not trying to immitate glass, they are proud to be plastic and stick to simple design principles. However saying that, Phillipe Starck has designed a stunning chair featuring a Missoni print, which does blur the edges of plastic and art.  Kartell items will deffinetley be featuring in my future designs more.

GE Light fitting, Image c/o John Lewis Plc

Image c/o John Lewis Plc

Image c/o detnk.com