I hate laminate flooring

Just had to get that off of my chest. I seriously can not stand the stuff. I have to put up with it for now in our rental home, however, when we move to our new pad, laminate will be banished.


Has Isla been eating all of the cakes?

Yummy High Tea (devoured by moi and L)

I started wondering last night if the beautiful Isla Fisher ate one of these

whilst on maternity leave. I am thinking probably not. Hence the reason Isla Fisher is writhing about in teeny tiny hotpants looking amazing and I am not.


Gorgeous Isla Fisher on the cover of Red Magazine this month

I  will however be being RADICAL as of Shrove Tuesday (March 8th this year all you pancake lovers) and giving up not only CHOCOLATE, but CAKE and BISCUITS!!! I am eyeballing your outfit Isla….I am sure it will fit me in 40 days….


P.s The High Tea shown above, was AMAZING and can be enjoyed at Hove Museum and Art Gallery

Here I am!!!

What a lovely day I have had, baby yoga, a walk in the spring sunshine and the most fabulous cream tea with L&E in the beautiful Hove Museum. Here are some pictures from my visit to the museum (after I managed to haul my derriere out of the tearoom)